Christian Apparel - Wear Scriptures

Have you ever thought of what other effective ways to spread the name and the gospel to people around you without saying a word? Sometimes, putting together the right word to spread the gospel the way you want could be difficult. Perhaps, the energy to rightfully express yourself and deliver the message fails to come. Never panic because you’re not alone. 

In this post, you’ll be exposed to a secret of winning souls for Our Lord Jesus and making a life-time impact on people who come across you as you go about your daily activities. 

The Truth About How You Dress

As we all know that the primary function of clothing is to cover our nakedness, however, despite this, our dressing is a reflection of our personality, culture, purpose, profession, peculiar living and work environment, passion, faith, and belief. In a nutshell, our clothing plays a vital role in our lives by defining us and giving us an identity.

Just like the common saying that goes thus, “you are what you eat,” but this statement would be incomplete without the inclusion of “you are what you wear.” Even before anyone approaches you, your dressing would have given an insight into what you are. 

Another famous saying also says, “You dress the way you want to be addressed.” It implies that our clothing makes a clear, well-understood, and deliberate statement without saying a word. Our dressing stirs up particular feelings, perceptions, and conclusions in people’s sight. Some of our outfits stir up hope, faith, confidence, and some even stir up sensuality.

However, most clothing is designed to achieve a particular purpose in their style, color, inscription, etc. The truth remains that our mode of dressing is vital and can be used to disseminate the gospel of Christ within our community and the entire universe.     

Taking advantage of Our Apparel to Share the Word of God

We can turn our daily apparel into an excellent means of speaking to the people. In doing this, more people can be reached, and many lives could be affected by God than you could have done through words. Every day, we walk past people who are yet to make an encounter with neither Christ nor witness the joyfulness attached in having faith in Jesus. We can reach out to such people and share the word of faith about Jesus with them by merely wearing Christian apparel.     

Can you recall walking past a person and noticed the design on their t-shirt? Think of how many eyes you think your Christian t-shirt would catch or how many lives would be touched by the word of faith inscribed on your cloth. Christian apparel is a brilliant way for believers to preach the gospels of Christ to other individuals who may haven’t met HIM yet. 

It sometimes feels intimidating to approach strangers and share our faith in Christ with them, as not everyone is willing to listen to the right word. But remember the bible says in the book of Mark 16:15, “Go ye into the world and preach my gospel to every soul,” this is the commandment of Christ to believers. 

When next you’re visiting a friend, going for a shopping, or going out for dinner, why not use that opportunity to evangelize Christ to others by wearing Christian apparel. It could be the step a soul out there is waiting for to becoming a believer in Christ.   

Why not let your clothing preaches the gospel on your behalf rather than bother yourself on seeking the courage to put those words together? Let your Christian clothing start-up a Godly conversation for you today.