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At Wear Scriptures, we sell a large variety of Christian t-shirts and plus size shirts. Finding Christian plus size clothing was always a hassle for believers. We aim to address and fulfill that exact need with our attractive and affordable range of plus size Christian clothes.

Where to get plus size Christian clothing?

We a Christian clothing online store, and we sell a wide range of t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and other chic apparel for men, women, and children. As one of the leading Christian clothing brand, all our apparels come with bible verses and faith-based one-liners that help believers profess their faith in a subtle, yet impactful fashion.

We have an exclusive range of plus size clothing in measurements 18 and over for both men and women. We also sell N95 masks and cloth-based face masks that help stay safe during the pandemic. All our facemasks come with Christian one-liners and in cool colors that you can now spread the good news even during turbulent times.

Ways to be a voice for gospel 

Spreading the good news and the word of God can be an important part of leading a Christian life. There are several ways to be a voice for the gospel. You can begin by professing your faith through your outfits. Start wearing tees and shirts with bible verses and Christian one-liners as it helps express yourself in a subtle yet inspirational manner.

You could personally invite a friend to the church every week all through the year. You could give away Christian t-shirts to the underprivileged, along with other essentials. Other ways of spreading the word of God includes supporting your local blood drive, planning several mission trips for the year, etc.

Tips for buying plus size t-shirts online

Regardless of your size, you can always look stylish and chic by choosing the right clothes in the perfect fitting. Here are some tips to follow when buying plus size t-shirts online:

  • Ensure proper fit - It is important to buy clothes that fit you precisely. If you are buying plus sized tees online, buy them one size higher than your actual measurements. This is because most fabrics, especially cotton, can shrink a cm or two after the first wash. Buying a tee in your exact size can end up feeling tighter and uncomfortable after the first use.
  • Dark-colored tees - Dark colors often make you look slimmer than your actual figure. For instance, if your problem area is heavy thighs or large bust size, choosing a dark-colored tee can help you look slim, sleek, and stylish.
  • Clean cuts - It is important to stay away from ruffles, frills, fussy fabrics, too many prints, etc., to avoid looking bulky. 

Call us at 1 (800) 395-6069 or visit to purchase Christian plus size clothing from Wear Scriptures. We are a pioneer Christian clothing brand with a large collection of shirts and t-shirts at affordable prices. Make your purchase today to secure a 5% discount on your purchase.