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Are you looking for the highest quality Christian t-shirt with the most inspirational biblical quotes? If yes, you in the right place. Wear Scriptures is a top reputable one-stop-shop where you can purchase Christian clothing in the world, providing the finest shirts at competitive prices.

The best quality shirts for Christians

We pride ourselves on being one of a few clothing stores delivering the most amazing Christian apparel for all ages and both genders. Our clothes collection has a wide range of shirts and T-shirts in various sizes, colors, and designs. Below we outline several of our stunning Christian t-shirts plus their prices:

  • Jesus is the way ladies’ (short-sleeve T-shirt from $29.40)
  • Jesus died for you (ladies’ relaxed jersey short sleeve scoop neck Tee from $20.99)
  • God loves you (women’s curvy Tee from $23.99)
  • God’s new covenant (men’s lightweight V-neck Tee from $15.99)
  • Running my race (women’s favorite Tee from $17.99)
  • Running my race (unisex ¾ sleeve baseball Tee from $19.99)
  • Running my race (men’s short sleeve Tee from $13.99)
  • A king is coming (unisex heavy blend™ crewneck sweatshirt from $17.99)
  • Choose life (men’s fitted v-neck short sleeve tee from $16.99)
  • Wear scriptures (men' fitted v-neck short sleeve tee from $16.99)
  • I am God’s beloved (men’s polo shirt from $22.99)
  • Walking out my faith (men’s cotton crew Tee from $16.99)
  • Whom shall I fear (kid’s fine jersey Tee from $13.99)

Those are just a few of many clothes from our abundant t-shirt collection. Whether you're looking to buy Christian shirts for women, men, youth, kids, or even babies, you can rest assured of getting a garment that meets your requirements. All our clothes make the wearer a witness of God’s greatness, love, grace, and mercy.

Reasons for purchasing our Christian (gospel) t-shirts

We believe that the good news of Christ’s resurrection and love doesn't only seep into music, activism, and theological arenas but also on the very garments we wear daily. For this reason, we strive to print excellent Christian-based quotes on high-quality clothes to ensure you feel comfortable in them and pride yourself on the message on your t-shirt.

Our primary goal is to go back to what Jesus said in the book of Matt 5:14-15 “You’re the light of the world. A city set up on a hill can’t be hidden. Neither do people light up a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead, they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house." By wearing our Christian outfit, you’ll be putting the light of Christ on your body to give everyone around you the good news.

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